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A fine arts teacher at the IUFM (University Institute for Teachers Training) in Mont Saint Aignan, this artist from Rouen has traced herself a totally independent creative path.

Here is evidence of this: almost 30 years ago I described her as an abstract painter and yet, today, never was a certain style of realism so close to Eliane Cailleteau’s art. Although she continues to paint abstract works, she has such flare and such a sense of research. Pitting herself against the wealth of innovations generated by Op Art, Eliane Cailleteau shows her loyalty to appealingly expressing an original cubism. Brilliantly rendering volume and colours, she conveys an adventurous lyricism, the charm of which is drawn from a tradition of quality.

The structural rhythms, the generous palette, and the deliberate and spontaneous motifs all combine to form a heady and poetic evolution, reflecting the artist’s bold and strong personality yet also the fascinating sensitivity of her heart.

André RUELLAN, art critic

Les Andelys 2010 Gallery « Atelier 9 » 7/9 rue Grande au Petit Andely (27).

The colored universe of Eliane Cailleteau.
It's been a decade Eliane Cailleteau exhibited regulary her paintings in Petit Andely. Usualy, this rouennaise artist was installed for two months, in the gallery « Atelier 9 ». Art lovers and tourists discovered the colorful and tonic world of Eliane Cailleteau, through her paintings that breathe life and joy. « I expect much on drawing, painting coming only to wrap up the whole », says that following an academic high school Claude Bernard in Paris to become a professor of plastics arts. This year, people will visit it can enjoy many facets of her work. Landscapes of Giverny, Andelys or Rouen, a series about cats, one on flea markets, also dancers have found a place in the gallery where the paintings of Eliane Cailleteau have covered every wall. If she happens to paint from nature, it works mostly from photographs, sketches or watercolours. « A painting is a composition, that requires staging » Eliane Cailleteau likes to play with colors and forms to pass the impressionist style to cubism with great ease. Which can sometimes confuse the public, but it is always figurative. (Art Critic of The « Impartial »)

Les Andelys (2000-01-02-03) Galerie Atelier 9 7-9 Rue Grande Petit Andely.

In 1974, I said Eliane Cailleteau was an abstract painter. She still paints in an unusal way, but with panache, with research, and without forgetting new technics near optical art. However, never reality as more near the works of Eliane Cailleteau, faithful to a cubist way. The teacher of plastic Art of the IUFM knows how to rule on her talent, and is not afraid of showing her technical facilities. Her adventurous lyrism accomodates perfectly her cultur. At the cymas of the Galerie, she proposes not a retrospective but an evolution between the tangible and the imaginary, putting together a charming abstract to fine canvas of twisted colors, to a strong willingness and a spontaneous figurative well built, where rythm suggests more forms, more color.

André Ruellan (les Affiches de Normandie newspaper) 9/8/2000

At the " Maison du Plateau (in Rouen)

…. Fifteen paintings of cubiste inspiration where the ochers border with pearly tunes in the yellows, greens and descended carmins.
If some are still inspired by the rythm of familiar objects or nature, other rule over visual recognitions ; then appears a more original style, more tightened, even visionary.

Paris-Normandie Newspaper 27,28 March 1971

Salon des Artistes Indépendants .

The Rectorship's Medal, work of the sculptor Belmondo, father of Jean-Paul, was given to Eliane Cailleteau for " Ruines ", architectural work, illustrating a poetry of her husband Alain Cailleteau.

Paris-Normandie Newspaper 5/06/1972

The Painter's Atelier (visit of the critic Arlan for the newspaper Tout-Rouen in 1974).

Faithful to tradition, the atelier where Eliane Cailleteau works is nested under the roof of a town-house....
To get there, you must climb a classic stairway where the painter can hang tall paintings since the ceiling is high... Under a reserved aspect, almost shy, you can see a fierce willingness bringing her constantly to advance. Enriched by pure and vibrating colors, the decorative way of a serie dedicated to boats, although realistic, refer to abstraction by the spirit of creation of the painter. Leave perspective and just keep the effort of pure color , it is a great job sometime forgotten ; handle a flat material to arrange tangled lines of fishing boats and reflects orients to a new vision, a simplification that shows the talent of Eliane Cailleteau.

Arlan 1974

abstraction that keeps the souvenir of Cubism...
The paintings of Eliane Cailleteau give the impression of a spontaneous burst, although dominated by the mastery of this young artist of Rouen that was influenced by Georges Braque and studied the theories of André Lhôtes, without dryness.

R.V. Paris Normandie newspaper 6/7/74

Remarks on this exhibition :
... Eliane Cailleteau gathers original,tempting,seductive oil paintings, where the volumes and the colors are essentialy evocative...The impulse remains soft and her spontaneity gives her a constant personnality, reinforced by a judicious use of colors often pale and their clever graduations allow sometomes a thrilling vision of relief and approach of poetic realism still dark, but never dry...

written by Arlan Tout Rouen (newspaper) Rouen

Atelier DP rue Beffroy in 1978 (Rouen)

Eliane Cailleteau proposes at Atelier DP some paintings that she raises already as a retospective. Facing so her experiences, with courage that few painters show, she invites the visitor to follow her itinerary. She asks him to go beyond its actual " form " to see what it will become. She shows the experiences of an artist who is moving, of an artist who follows his inspiration of the moment without caring what people say. It is an interesting exhibition, a clear and creative move that we see with interest and even passion.

R.B. Paris Normandie news paper 22/01/78

" Water lilies " full of vitality (Rouen 1982)

Eliane Cailleteau exhibits Galerie Eliot, rue Martainville in Rouen some oil paintings on the theme of water lilies. Nothing common with the nympheas of Monet ; with Eliane Cailleteau we feal mostly a relationship and a big admiration for the cubist movement and specialy for researches of Delaunay. The water lily gives the painter the opportunity of engaging himself at concentric forms, at pure color, " fauve " like it was said before, with a determined, straight, efficient gesture.
It is a solid , dynamic painting near abstract, all gay and full of sap.

Francis (Liberté Dimanche newspaper 9/5/82)

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